My QEMU builds
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Max Reitz 0972fbf353 block: Add bdrv_qapi_perm_to_blk_perm() 2 years ago
authz Include generated QAPI headers less 2 years ago
block block: Add bdrv_qapi_perm_to_blk_perm() 11 months ago
chardev Include qemu/main-loop.h less 2 years ago
crypto crypto: define cleanup functions for use with g_autoptr 2 years ago
disas plugin: add qemu_plugin_insn_disas helper 2 years ago
exec TCG Plugins initial implementation 2 years ago
fpu fpu: make softfloat-macros "self-contained" 2 years ago
hw virtio: add ability to delete vq through a pointer 1 year ago
io socket: Add num connections to qio_net_listener_open_sync() 2 years ago
libdecnumber include: Make headers more self-contained 2 years ago
migration migration: add new migration state wait-unplug 2 years ago
monitor Include hw/qdev-properties.h less 2 years ago
net Include qemu/queue.h slightly less 2 years ago
qapi qapi: Make visit_next_list()'s comment less confusing 2 years ago
qemu job: refactor progress to separate object 12 months ago
qom vl: Split off user_creatable_print_help() 2 years ago
scsi scsi: explicitly list guest-recoverable sense codes 2 years ago
standard-headers linux headers: update against v5.4-rc1 2 years ago
sysemu kvm: Introduce KVM irqchip change notifier 1 year ago
ui ui/egl: fix framebuffer reads 2 years ago
user *-user: plugin syscalls 2 years ago
elf.h linux-user: elf: ELF_HWCAP for s390x 2 years ago
glib-compat.h glib: bump min required glib library version to 2.48 2 years ago
qemu-common.h exec: Split out variable page size support to exec-vary.c 2 years ago
qemu-io.h Include qemu-common.h exactly where needed 2 years ago
trace-tcg.h trace: get rid of generated-events.h/generated-events.c 5 years ago