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Vanessa's Colored Woods mod

This mod provides a multitude of colors of wood, sticks, and fences to 
Minetest, as per the palette outlined by my Unified Dyes mod.

Requires unifieddyes and flowers if you want to craft the various items.  If 
you don't have (or don't want to use) those two mods, you can also use /giveme 
to get the items you want.

Objects and their texture files are named using the same scheme as UnifiedDyes:


And so on.


Colored wood blocks

Place two regular wood blocks and one portion of the desired dye color 
into the crafting grid, in any position. Yields two colored wood blocks.  Use 
these directly to build with, or craft them into sticks.

Colored sticks

Just drop a colored wood block into the crafting grid as you would with an 
uncolored wood block.  Yields 4 sticks of the same color as the wood block.

While you cannot directly dye uncolored sticks, you can use them to craft 
colored fences.

Colored fences

Lay out six of the above colored sticks (must be all the same color) in the 
usual two-row fence-crafting pattern.  Yields two colored fenceposts).

 ----   ----   ----
CStick CStick CStick
CStick CStick CStick

OR: Lay out six regular sticks in the usual fence-crafting pattern, plus one 
portion of the desired dye color in the upper left corner of the grid (yields 
two colored fenceposts):

 Dye   ---   ---
Stick Stick Stick
Stick Stick Stick

OR: Place two regular wooden fenceposts into the crafting grid along with one 
portion of the desired dye color, in any position.  Yields two colored 


Finally, if you find yourself short on uncolored sticks to make ladders out of, 
and you have a surplus of one or more colors, you can craft them into regular, 
uncolored ladders.  Place any colored sticks you want, in any combination, into 
the crafting grid in the standard ladder pattern.  Yields two colored ladders 
(to try to make up for the wasted dye).

CStick  ----  CStick
CStick CStick CStick
CStick  ----  CStick